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The SomosIPSS Platform is on!

It is with great satisfaction that we inform that the research team completed the first stage of the project #TFA. It consisted of the development and launch of the #somosipss Platform that can be used immediately by the IPSS.

This phase allows institutions, after registering, to create their institutional website, thus being able to have a formal presence on the Internet and gain visibility within the community in which they operate, as well as attract current or potential users. It allows to promote their activity, to disseminate social responses, and make relevant events known, complying, additionally, with the legal requirement for online account disclosure.

We believe that this platform constitutes essential support for IPSS, especially for those who do not yet have a website. Try SomosIPSS!

The second phase of the project, already under development, will be completed and available to the enrolled entities in a few months. It will bring many other innovative advantages in terms of promoting transparency and accountability, which may constitute a basis for management sustainability and professionalisation .

In January, the research team provided a Framework of Indicators. Based on it, at the end of the second phase, participating institutions will be able to:

  • monitor their performance over time;

  • compare their performance with the aggregate of similar institutions in the country and/or region; and

  • analyse the economic, financial and social impact of the Third Sector in the regions and the country, through a dashboard.

We will be delighted to register your institution as one of the participants in this project! Join the project and use it to your advantage.

The platform is free to use, very intuitive and does not require any specific knowledge to use it. So, register on the #somosipss platform at, follow the steps and create your institutional website.

The presentation of the platform's features as well as the registration example, in a tutorial format, are available on our Youtube channel.

At any time, you can also request technical support for registering and using the platform, through the email:

We count on you! Together, we are IPSS!

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