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Today we present the SomosIPSS Platform

Soon, we will launch the SomosIPSS Platform, which will serve as a central hub for the various strands of the #TFA project.

We offer the possibility for #IPSS, and other entities in the social sector, to benefit from an institutional page, which allows them to get closer to the community and disseminate their social responses. The #IPSS can share other information that allows them, on the one hand, to comply with legal obligations, and, on the other hand, to disseminate best practices and the social impact they have on the community.

In addition to responding to the needs of the #TFA Project, we designed the Platform as a meeting place between IPSS and stakeholders, where IPSS make themselves known, and society can find them. For this, we have developed some features that we think may be useful (regardless of whether they are IPSS, Users, or Researchers).

Using their dedicated area, IPSS can:

  • share information related to their Equipments and their Social Responses and Activities;

  • associate contacts (phone, mobile phone, website, social media pages, among others) to the various Equipments;

  • create featured news with start and end schedule; and

  • share Financial Information, in compliance with the current legislation, and other sort of information that shows the impact (for example, social) of the entity on the economy.

Visitors can find the IPSS they are looking for by filtering:

  • by geographic area (District and/or Municipality); and

  • by areas of activity (Target Audiences and/or Social Responses).

Researchers will have access to the #Framework of Indicators and to the data pertained, always guaranteeing the necessary anonymity.

We hope that this message will serve to generate interest in this project and its next activities. Now, we will test the Platform with a sample of target audiences and, soon it will be available so that everyone, without exception, can enjoy it.

If you want to participate in this test, send us an email to

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